About Me

I love coming up with ideas.  And as a long-time vegan and animal rights activist, a lot of my ideas are about promoting our moral obligation to not treat human or nonhuman animals as things or commodities and to stop exploitation of all living creatures.  One way I do this is through my art.  Another is through my writing and I’ve included some of my written work on my blog here.

My abstracts, and most of my other pieces, typically convey some emotional experience.

I focus on making the world a better place.  I treasure experiences that arouse feelings of passion, inspiration, or meaning.  Finding people who share similar values is a wealth of joy and inspiration.  I am guided by my principles.  I am an idealist.

I welcome opportunities to work with animal rights organizations if they can use art or design to promote their causes.  I am also open to helping them in other ways. 

I am also a psychotherapist. I naturally enjoy one-on-one conversations and easily find connections in hidden patterns. My innate interest in making the world a better place suits my work as a therapist, as I am invested in helping people lead happier lives. My professional website is www.BethLevineCounseling.com

I can be reached at ArtByBethLevine@aol.com